Flexible data models

there are several data models in core module, which are flexible enough to use for other scenarios.
the list consists of:

Convenient syntax and friendly type inference

Working with a tri-functor might become tedious if you want to fill every type parameter, doing so for a functor with 5 or 6 type parameters would be enormously tedious and boring as hell; edomata provide convenient syntax which helps exactly with that!
For creating large typed functors like Edomaton, you can easily use provided dsls, or extension methods which due to dependent typing, solves the problem of passing too many types. as a rule of thumb you will pass each of your domain types once.

Starter kits

Some opinionated types and models are provided to help you while learning or testing. as mentioned in rationale, this library is not meant to replace anything or provide a framework; its most important goal is to provide a working, production ready example of what an event sourced functional system would look like, to help you design and learn. in doing so types we have types like:

you can create your own models and use them with or without other data models provided in edomata.